Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., took to Twitter Saturday for his annual “airing of grievances” in celebration of Festivus, a parody holiday that was popularized by the 1990’s show “Seinfeld.”

Since becoming active on Twitter, Paul has celebrated Festivus by sharing his personal grievances in a series of good-humored tweets typically aimed at his congressional colleagues or government policies.

"Good morning, #Festivus celebrants and twitter! Today, I will have an #AiringofGrievances to wish you a #HappyFestivus," Paul wrote Saturday morning before beginning his tweetstorm.

He first took aim at Hillary Clinton for her 2016 campaign memoir, What Happened, writing: “I hear that many people are saying great thinks about Hillary’s book and It won some major major awards. That’s great for her, seriously.”

Paul then took a sarcastic swipe at Clinton's 2016 rival, President Trump.

The Kentucky senator added that Trump took “Festivus” off this year because “he airs his grievances on here every day.”

He also mocked his colleague, Ted Cruz, R-Texas, for feuding with actor Mark Hamill, who plays Luke Skywalker in the popular movie series "Star Wars."

“There are how many million Americans who’ve wanted to force-choke Ted, and he picked on the one who could do It. Brave, he is,” Paul wrote.

Followed by: “I’m KIDDING, Ted. You’re likeable enough.”

Remarking on the recent UFO conspiracy theory trend following a report from the New York Times that the Pentagon had been funding research into UFO sightings, he wrote to former Sen. Harry Reid. D-Nev., who is credited with securing funding for the project: “HOW IS IT YOU NEVER TOLD ME ABOUT THE ALIENS, HARRY??!!”

Paul sent a number of other tweets in the Saturday tweet storm in regards to government waste and other government policies in accordance with his libertarian-leaning stances.