Thousands of US and South Korean troops are taking part in a joint military drill. North Korea denounced the exercise, calling it a war practice drill. (April 26)



Pohang, South Korea - 26 April, 2013


Marines from the US and South Korea forces held a combined joint landing operation on Friday in Pohang, South Korea as part of the ongoing South Korea-US joint Foal Eagle exercise which North Korea has strongly been denouncing, calling it a war practice drill.


Around 1,500 U.S. and 2,000 South Korean participants from across the nations' forces joined the drill, while four South Korean Landing Ship Tanks (LST), four US CV-22 Osprey and twenty UH-1H helicopters from South Korea were mobilised.

During the amphibious operation, 30 Landing Vehicles Tracked (LVT) were operational on the sea.

These exercises come the day after North Korea celebrated the 81st anniversary of the founding of their army.

Friday also saw the deadline pass that South Korea had set the North Koreans to enter talks about restarting operations at the kaesong industrial complex.

The industrial zone, located about six miles inside the North, was seen as a rare example of cooperation across the heavily militarised border.

But Pyongyang pulled out its entire workforce on April 9 and suspended operations, angered by the South's "military" contingency plan to protect its staff at the site.