Hillary Clinton isn't running for president yet -- but new fundraising numbers released Thursday by the super PAC Ready For Hillary suggest an increasing number of Democrats are eager for her to enter the race.

Ready For Hillary added more than 22,000 new donors from January through March and raised $1.7 million during that period, the group announced. The group, which is technically unaffiliated with Clinton but operates with the help of some of her and her husband's former aides, has held small-dollar fundraisers nationwide and had a presence at events where Clinton spoke.

The primary objective of Ready For Hillary has never been attracting the party's biggest donors and raising eye-popping sums of money; that space in Clintonworld will be filled by Priorities USA, the super PAC that previously supported President Obama. Instead, Ready For Hillary was conceived of as a vehicle to build a nationwide network of grassroots supporters who could be summoned to volunteer on Clinton's behalf, should she run for president.

Toward that end, the group said Thursday it has so far identified more than 2 million Clinton supporters — a hefty total more than two years ahead of the next presidential election, and without Clinton having even committed to run.

Clinton, for her part, has remained coy about her political intentions as she travels the country for speaking engagements, many of them paid. In San Francisco earlier this week, however, she acknowledged she is "thinking about it."

Questions regarding the future for the former first lady and secretary of state will likely amplify later this year, when Clinton plans to release a new memoir. The book will be published June 10, and Clinton is expected to embark on a book tour at that time.