With three years before the 2016 presidential primaries, a super PAC aimed at boosting the as-yet-nonexistent campaign of former Secretary of State and New York senator Hillary Clinton has raised $1.3 million, disclosures showed Wednesday.

No donation to Ready for Hillary was larger than $25,000 — though there were 24 of those and one family gave a combined $50,000 — and nearly $200,000 came from people giving less than $200.

Large donors include Scott Bessent of Soros Fund Management and television producer Marcy Carsey. SuperPACs can accept donations of any amount.

The donors were woman-heavy, a rarity in campaign finance, tapping wealthy New York philanthropists like Agnes Gund and Ann Tenenbaum.

They were also finance-heavy, drawing from Wall Street in the state Clinton represented in the Senate, not unlike the 2012 campaign of Republican Mitt Romney.

One corporate PAC, that of Philadelphia law firm Duane Morris LLP, also gave.

The 2016 contest will be the first presidential election without an incumbent running in which super PACs have been in existence, and it remains to be seen how they will shape the race — though one thing that is clear is that they will excacerbate the trend of increasingly early politicking.

So far, Ready for Hillary has spent nearly a quarter-million dollars on online advertising.

At least one other group has sprouted up with a mission of opposing Clinton's potential run.