Former White House press secretary Jay Carney and CBS’ David Letterman sure have a lot of nice things to say about Vice President Joe Biden, a man considered by many to be possible 2016 contender.

“What is [Biden’s] story?” Letterman asked during an interview that aired Wednesday. "Joe Biden has become – and I’m not sure I endorse this wholeheartedly – but a figure of fun. I’m not sure that it’s deserved; it’s not like Gerald Ford who was always hitting his head and falling down.

“But the impression of Joe Biden is that anytime he opens his mouth, he puts his foot in it. Now, is that accurate? Is it fair?"

Carney came to Biden’s defense.

“It’s not accurate, but it had become the narrative. And that was something we had to work to address,” he said, referencing the short time he worked as the vice president’s communications director.

Carney explained that Team Obama, during the 2008 campaign, put a great deal of emphasis on boosting Biden’s public Image, adding that the campaign was eager to capitalize on Biden's many supposed talents.

“The vice president had a great deal of experience in foreign policy, he had 35-36 years of experience in the Senate and understood how the Senate worked in a way that — obviously — then-Sen. Obama didn't, having only been in for few years,” Carney bragged.

“I have deep affection for him,” he added. “He’s a decent, decent person. And if you know his personal story, and the tragedies in his life, and you realize what a decent man and also a very dedicated public servant he is.”

Letterman then recalled the time Biden appeared on the late night program to discuss his life story, which includes the tragic 1972 death of his wife, Neilia Biden, and their 13-month-old daughter, Naomi.

“He had had a lot of blows and he has gotten up,” Carney said. “Whatever your politics are, whether you agree with this administration, you have to be grateful that there are people like Joe Biden who have spent his whole life serving his country and doing the best job he could.”