Over the course of recent weeks, a staggering four SEIU officials have left the organization amid allegations of sexual misconduct.

Facing these accusations of misconduct, Executive Vice President Scott Courtney and Fight for $15 director Kendall Fells both resigned, while SEIU Detroit leader Mark Raleigh and Chicago Fight for $15 head Caleb Jennings were fired.

BuzzFeed News reported on Thursday that "more than a dozen current and former staffers" said in interviews "complaints about top-level staff on the Fight for 15 were an open secret." There's little question that conditions for female staffers at the union seem to have been unacceptably poor.

While publicly claiming to fight for working women, the SEIU appears to have been part of the very problem it decried. Like Hollywood, the SEIU is another powerful liberal institution where the internal culture looks to be totally incongruent with its public emphasis on supporting women in the workplace.

That so many SEIU leaders have fallen in so little time should alarm the many Democratic candidates it supports financially. As I noted last month, all of the union's $1.4 million in campaign donations to congressional candidates throughout the 2016 election cycle went to Democrats.

In a comment to Fox News, Luka Ladan of the Center for Union Facts suggested the SEIU "clean up its glass house before throwing stones at other employers." But before that happens, those stones will be landing with much less credibility.