Five years after President Obama's $787 billion economic stimulus program became law, recipients of the funds are still spending the money without explanation.

The law requires recipients to submit quarterly reports to the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board. Those who don't are classified as "non-compliers."

California led the way with 19 non-compliers, followed by Pennsylvania (17), Arizona (13), Ohio (13) and New York (11). Idaho and Nebraska were the only states with none.

Three U.S. territories also had non-compliers — Puerto Rico (6), Guam (6) and the Northern Mariana Islands (2).

The most recent reporting cycle, which ended in January, shows 312 recipients did not submit reports.

Eighty-six of those had not submitted in two cycles, while 78 failed to do so in three or more cycles dating back to October 2009.

Infamous green-energy producer Solyndra, which according to the report received $535 million, has not reported in three or more cycles. The company filed for bankruptcy in 2012.

This reporting cycle will be the last one, as the omnibus spending bill passed in January 2014 repealed the disclosure requirement.

Some notable recipients who didn't turn in their reports:

• $396 million to the state of New York, given in April 2009

• $127 million to Abengoa Bioenergy Biomass of Kansas, given in September 2011

• $100 million to Electric Transportation Engineering Corp., given in September 2009

• $95 million to Saft American, given in December 2009

• $91 million to the Maryland Department of Transportation, doled out in three installments (September 2010, April 2011, September 2011)

• $72 million to Regional Transportation District of Denver, given in July 2009

• $68 million to Abound Solar Manufacturing, given in December 2010

• $56 million to the Rough Rock school board in Chinle, Ariz., given in July 2009

• $50 million to Enerkem Mississippi Biofuels, given in December 2009

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