Supercharged Republican donors broke another fundraising record last month, leaving the National Republican Congressional Committee with the most cash on hand ever in an off-year.

Officials reported Friday that NRCC raised $6.5 million, the best for a May since 2005.

For the year, the committee has raised $52.5 million, nearly double its take for the same election off-year period in 2015.

And much of that money has come from House Speaker Paul Ryan, who wrote a $2 million check in May to add to the $20 million he previously transferred this year. Ryan has been on a non-stop effort to raise money for 2018 Republican candidates in addition to helping those in special elections this year.

Despite polls showing Democrats in a good position to challenge Republican control of the House, the GOP fundraising successes are giving the party faith that it will maintain its majority in the House.

"With yet another historic fundraising effort, House Republicans are on the march towards a successful 2018. Thanks, as always, to Speaker Ryan and all of House leadership who continue to step up to defend our majority and expand the playing field into Democratic territory," said Rep. Steve Stivers, NRCC chairman.

The details:

  • In May, NRCC raised $6.5 million.
  • Total this year: $52.5 million.
  • Cash on hand is $31.2 million, the highest off-year cash on hand ever.
  • May saw the best fundraising take for an off-year May since 2005.
  • The five month total raised is $13.0 million better than previous best year in 2003 and $23.9 million more than 2015 raised as of the end of May.
  • Ryan transferred over $2 million in May and $22 million for the year.

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