So Glenn Beck hated “Red Tails”? Good, says one of the film’s producers.

Beck went on a radio rampage Monday about the terribleness of George Lucas, Star Wars and “Red Tails,” the Lucas-financed flick about the Tuskegee Airmen. The perpetually red-faced pundit reserved special ire for “Red Tails,” calling it “one of the most bizarrely acted movies I’ve ever seen” and a “bad B movie.” In typically hyperbolic Beck fashion, he called for prison time for Lucas, “just for movie crimes.”

“Red Tails” producer Rick McCallum took the criticism in stride. “I’m thrilled to hear that Glenn Beck hated ‘Red Tails,’” he said. “Since he represents everything repugnant about sensationalist hate radio in one person, it is so gratifying to know that we were on the right track with making a patriotic, feel good movie about African-Americans who proudly served their country.” McCallum offered no comment on other news outlets for describing the film as “groaningly clunky,” “a rickety cliche,” and “shoddy.”

The film was screened at the White House for a second time on Monday. First lady Michelle Obama and Jill Biden delivered remarks to an audience that included local military families and three of the original Tuskegee Airmen, Carl Johnson, Edward Talbert, and Stewart Henley.