The Redskins five game winning streak has not only put them in position to win the NFC East, they might do something else once unimaginable: clinch a berth before the final game of the regular season.

According to the NFL, the Redskins can clinch a spot Sunday if they win and the New York Giants, Chicago and Minnesota all lose. The Redskins own the tiebreakers over each team, so even if Washington lost to Dallas in the home finale, it would earn a spot if this scenario unfolds.

But the Redskins aren’t the only team fighting for a spot that can clinch Sunday. The Giants can clinch with a win and losses by Chicago, Minnesota and Dallas as well as a loss or tie by Washington. They can also clinch with a win and losses by the Bears, Vikings, Redskins as well as a loss or tie by the Cowboys.

Seattle can clinch a wild card spot with a win. The Seahawks also have seven scenarios in which they could earn a spot this weekend with a tie or a loss.

The Redskins will win the NFC East with two wins to end the season, though Dallas could do the same. The teams play each other in the season finale. Washington could miss if it loses one more game and either New York, Minnesota or Chicago wins its next two. Of that group, Chicago has the easiest schedule with games vs. Arizona (5-9) and Detroit (4-10). The Giants play at Baltimore (9-5) and vs. Philadelphia (4-10). The Vikings have the toughest road with games at Houston (12-2) and vs. Green Bay (10-4).