Redskins corner Josh Wilson wouldn’t change anything about how he played the 18-yard touchdown pass to Julio Jones. Mainly, he said, because he did his job. And someone else didn’t do theirs.

Jones made a tightrope catch along the sidelines over the top of Wilson. However, Wilson said he did his job.

“It was a cover-2, figure that out,” Wilson said.

In other words: the safety wasn’t there. On the play, Reed Doughty was aligned in the box, but dropped into a cover-2 look at the snap. Quarterback Matt Ryan pump faked down the middle and threw to the outside — two other receivers had lined up inside of Jones on the Falcons’ left.  He was on Wilson’s side, but did not get over there on the play. With no receiver in front of him, Wilson was able to sink deep but could not prevent the catch.

“When everybody has an understanding of their responsibilities and goes out there and plays the defense, we’re a great defense,” Wilson said. “I can only play my responsibilities, know what I mean?…I wouldn’t take nothing back from that play. I did what I was supposed to do.”

On Monday, Doughty agreed as to where the blame should lie. He tried to disguise the coverage at the snap and then ran back to cover the outside half to his right.

“I didn’t get wide enough,” he said. “Josh made a good attempt on the play. I was hoping he didn’t get in bounds, but you can’t let a disguise ruin the coverage. I have to get there quicker.”

Wilson wouldn’t disagree.

“As long as we play our responsibilities, we ball out there,” Wilson said. “You’re asking a lot of [DeAngelo] Hall and I to go out with great receivers … We can’t do everything.”

Doughty said no one asked him about the play after the game and didn’t realize Wilson had been upset. He said there was no need to tell Wilson it was his fault.

“They know it’s my thing,” Doughty said. “If anyone asks me about it after the game, I would have told them…. I’d like to take care of that within our room. We know whose fault it is and I’ll take the blame for that.”