Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins did not make many bad decisions in Sunday's big win in Cleveland. But he made a doozy in the barber's chair this week. Cousins' flowing locks looked a little long to him when he saw a replay of his news conference with reporters Monday. So he went to a local establishment for a trim. No big deal -- until a miscommunication with his barber led to disaster.

"She basically gave me a Mohawk," a sheepish Cousins said Wednesday at Redskins Park -- an event ESPN chose to broadcast live on "SportsCenter" and that for a time had Cousins trending nationally on Twitter.

Cousins had taken his glasses off for the cut, so he couldn't see the damage until it was too late -- after the barber spun him around in his chair and he saw her handiwork in the mirror. At that point there was nothing to do except have it all shaved off.

So at a public event in Dulles on Tuesday, Cousins was suddenly sporting a buzz cut. And he had to explain his new 'do to reporters Wednesday. That was punishment enough. But Cousins also realized once-and-for-all that he has a receding hairline -- his father's genes making their presence known. That stung a little, too, for the 24-year-old.

"I do want to apologize to my family and friends back home because I try to represent them well and this haircut isn't doing it," Cousins cracked to much laughter from his audience.

Teammates gave him a hard time, too. Even former Michigan State teammate Nick Foles, now the starter for the Philadelphia Eagles, this week's opponent, weighed in when told about the mishap by reporters. He pulled up a photo of Cousins' cut on his phone.

"Wow. Well that'll be good," Foles said. "I'm going to have to do that to mine: Cut it all off -- if he can pull it off."

- Brian McNally