Fred Davis often talked about how much he had improved as a blocker last season. Seems like he might finally be right: he is better. So, too, is the overall blocking at the position. When the Redskins cut Chris Cooley, one thing they lost was a consistent blocker. But Davis’ improvement, along with that of Logan Paulsen, has helped — and it’s made a difference in the run game.

One block perhaps illustrates Davis’ improvement. On the Redskins’ third play from scrimmage vs. Atlanta, Davis explodes into linebacker Stephen Nicholas and knocks him to the ground.

“Tight ends don’t do that,” tight ends coach Sean McVay said in this week’s email report. “He came off aggressively and attacked him. He has such great explosion and snap and he’s longer than people realize too. He’s playing at a high level. You can watch him move around in warm-ups and in games how much more confident he is. He’s a different guy.”

Davis said, “I’m trying to have an all-around game this year,” Davis said. “I feel I’m up there in blocking. It’s something I don’t get credit for, but a lot of times my blocks have been better than in the past.”

Meanwhile, Niles Paul is still adjusting after switching from receiver.

“When I was going through OTAs and the preseason I was like, ‘Hey, this isn’t that bad,’ “ Paul said. ‘But the real competition started going and the bigger competitors in the line. I was like, ‘OK, maybe it is a little different.’ ”

Safety Madieu Williams talked about the art of reading quarterbacks.

“You can’t go by shoulders or shrugs or by the way he looks because they’ve been taught to look one way, then the other and then come back,” he said. “There are different things different quarterbacks do. You have to spend the week studying them.”

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