First things first: Ryan Kerrigan is in Hawaii prepping for the Pro Bowl so his season couldn’t have been that bad. Yes, he was an alternate. But he also had stretches where he played well.

But Kerrigan wasn’t happy with his season. He wasn’t happy that he finished with only 8 1/2 sacks.

“I definitely expected bigger things from myself and the team. We wanted to continue to advance,” Kerrigan said. “Coming into the season I wanted to be consistent week in and week out and I wasn’t that for most of the season. That’s frustrating. Hopefully I can use that as fuel.”

For my email report, Kerrigan said his displeasure stemmed from “the whole thing.” In other words, he wanted more sacks, more tackles for loss. He wanted to elevate his game more than he did (though he did improve in other areas; still, he knows rushing the passer is what gets him paid).

Kerrigan said he needs to add more moves — and stop focusing on just keeping the passer in the pocket, something he said he did too often this season. His goal too often, he said, was not losing contain more than applying pressure.

“I need to be able to add more inside counter rushes because I think I got at times too predictable with going with either a bull rush or on the edge,” he said. “I need to add an inside counter move. That will allow my other moves to be more effective.

“I have to find that balance. I have to take those chances at times. The reward of the sack might outweigh the risk of letting the quarterback out.”

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