This is the game Matt Bowen is looking forward to watching this weekend. The other games interest him, of course, but the Redskins-Seahawks is the one he can’t wait to watch.

“The last game of the weekend, a late afternoon start, the lights will be on, it’s on grass, everyone will be muddy. That’s playoff football,” said Bowen, the ex-Redskins safety and current analyst for the National Football Post. “This will be a close game.”

For the record, Bowen likes the Redskins in this game, but mainly because Seattle has to travel cross country. But the National Football Post analyst does like the Seahawks’ secondary, which he calls “awesome.”

“I don’t know about numbers and stats, but just what I see on film, top to bottom, that’s the best in the NFL because of their size and length,” Bowen said. “They’re physical. You look on the outside with [Brandon] Browner and [Richard] Sherman and both are big and long. They’re not afraid to play press coverage. These guys want to compete. They’re not afraid of anyone. You go back to Monday night against Green Bay and I know why they won because of the refs, but they were in position to get that call because they beat up those receivers.”

But Bowen, for my email report, says there’s a way to hurt the Seattle defensive front. It’s a fast group of linemen.

“You hurt them with cutback runs because they’re so fast,” Bowen said. “Take advantage of their speed and say here’s how we’re going to beat them. Show them something and go the other way.”

Bowen also talked about how he would pressure Russell Wilson and which receiver is a key for Washington against the big corners.

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