Once again, back to my guy Russ Lande, an ex-scout and draft analyst for the National Football Post. Maybe the Redskins won’t make a choice until the 51st pick in the draft, but that means it’s even harder to know what direction they’ll go. They might prefer a safety, but a receiver or a tackle or a corner might be available. And if they’re higher on the board? Well, they might be a Redskin.

So Lande is helping us take a look at top players at a number of positions for the Friday email report. This week: offensive linemen.

Here are three intriguing ones of the nine players he gave us:

1. OT Kyle Long, Oregon. He’s projected as a second-round pick.

“He’s very raw. But he’s a 6-6, 304-pound kid. At the Senior Bowl he wasn’t pretty all the time and he got beat more than he should, but you saw the athleticism in this kid and he made you say wow, this guy is a left tackle athletically. That could get a team to fall in love with him because he’s so physically gifted. He wasn’t an offensive lineman until he got to Oregon. And then he got in and got hurt. He’s an intriguing kid.”

2. OT Justin Pugh, Syracuse. He’s projected as a third-round pick, in part because his short arms might prevent him from playing tackle.

“He’s a guy that could fit in very well. I don’t know what Mike Shanahan’s rules are with arm length… at the Senior Bowl he was middle of the road that week, but he’s 6-foot-6 with 31-inch arms, which normally eliminates you from being considered a tackle. But I could see a team say he’s a good athlete, he’s 6-6 and he was a starter at left tackle. He’s fundamentally sound, very competitive. I could see a team like the Redskins dealing with his arm length because he can get out on the edge as a right tackle and he’d be fine. I wouldn’t guess from watching film that he’d have arm-length issues; 33 inches and longer is ideal.”

3. OG Alvin Bailey, Arkansas. Fourth-round projection.

“I don’t like him, but Shanahan could fall in love with him. He’s one of those guys that athletically he’s a first-round talent. He’s all over the place. He misses so many blocks, he’ll frustrate the heck out of you, but I really believe Shanahan still goes by the flashes system and will draft a guy with more talent even if he’s not productive. I could see them taking a gamble on this guy, even though he’s not a great player he’s a great athlete.”

Also in the (free) email report, I get some opinions on two players: Charles Woodson and Percy Harvin.

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