Brian Hernandez is a longshot to make it out of August. Doesn’t mean he’s not worth watching. After all, this will be his first NFL training camp — he last played at the University of Utah in 2007. Two stints in the United Football League is all he could muster before now. The expanded roster no doubt helped him earn the chance to attend training camp.

“I can’t wait. I can’t wait for that first preseason game. I can’t wait for Tampa. I just can’t wait to put the pads on and compete. I’m real excited,” said Hernandez, also a returner.

In this week’s email report, Hernandez shares more of his story. And, yes, he’s already talked to Anthony Armstrong, another receiver with an unusual football background.

There’s also information on ex-Redskins running back Charley Harraway, who recently told the Cleveland Plain Dealer that doctors told him he’s showing early signs of Alzheimer’s.

“Fortunately, it hasn’t gotten to the stage where I can’t drive, or I’m putting my keys in the refrigerator and all that,” Harraway told the paper.

Finally, I manage to string together a couple coherent thoughts (at least I think I did) about undrafted free agent Chase Minnifield, about whom I’ll have more on soon.

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