When you lose one of your best players overall and another player who understood his role well, and was one of your most consistent, there’s an impact. So losing Brian Orakpo and Adam Carriker, naturally, will make life difficult for the Redskins. After talking to some people around the NFL for my email report, here’s the impact — and a look at those who are replacing them.

Carriker’s ability to take on two blockers will be missed.

“He’s extremely strong,” one longtime NFC assistant coach said of Carriker. “He takes on double teams like a piece of cake… He can push the line back and he can push two guys back. He knows how to get in there, keep his hands in tight and execute what an end does in a 3-4.”

One NFL source, who has seen Jarvis Jenkins play in person each of the past two summers, said, “He doesn’t take care of combo blocks. When guys are young they don’t realize how the defense works.” If he’s unable to occupy blockers, it’ll make life more difficult for the linebackers.

As for Orakpo, the source said, “He knows he’s a first-round pick and has been to the Pro Bowl. There’s a certain standard he has to play at. Technically and fundamentally he has a long ways to go. Outside of the bull pass rush there’s not a lot there but with he and Ryan the ends are secure. With the other two guys they won’t know what they’ll get from play to play.”

Meanwhile, guard Kory Lichtensteiger talked about combination blocks, cut blocks and how he defines a win or a loss on a particular block in the zone scheme.

“A loss is if your man makes the tackle,” he said. “A loss could also be if your man makes the tackle three or four yards downfield, so if you had finished the block it would have been a better play. A win is if you keep the line of scrimmage, you get your helmet in the right place, get your hands in the right place and your guy is run out of the play.”


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