With the Redskins salary cap situation, they need to improve from within. And one player who could help: Chase Minnifield. That is, if he can return from microfracture surgery and a reconstructed ACL six months later. It’s a difficult task. I’ll have a story on Minnifield in Sunday’s paper, but included some of what he had to say in the email report along with some quotes I could not get into the story.

Dr. Richard Lehman, from the U.S. Center for Sports Medicine, offered his thoughts on the likelihood of Minnifield ever becoming 100 percent again.

“It’s a hope and pray deal,” Lehman said. “There’s high potential, but also a chance he never comes around.”

To prepare for this season, Minnifield stuck around all of this past season, rehabbing his right knee and sitting in on meetings.

“I didn’t want to fall behind in the defense,” he said. “I kept up to date with what they were putting in and doing. I didn’t forget or have to re-learn anything. It’s better than it would have been if I had stayed home or rehabbed elsewhere. It was a good situation to sit back and watch and see how things work out in the NFL. I consider it a blessing.

Minnifield spoke with quarterback Robert Griffin III a few times about rehabbing. Both had their surgeries performed by Dr. James Andrews.

“I’m impressed at how he’s doing so far,” Minnifield said. “I know how hard it was the first month for me and to see him after a month is really impressive. The rehab for the first month is really hard. It’s very hard to see that your knee or your leg is way weaker than it was. You have to stay positive and going through it one time made the second time a lot easier.”

Meanwhile, should the Redskins draft LSU’s troubled corner Tyrann Mathieu? Maybe. But what they shouldn’t do is think they can prevent him from a relapse.

There’s also a Q&A with Gary Chester, an attorney for 30 years in New York and New Jersey, having handled a variety of civil cases including anti-trust sports-related cases.

“When it comes to litigation the NFL credo seems to be full steam ahead,” Chester said. “The NFL does not back down even when the NFL should back down and in this case in view of the previous result in the arbitration they probably don’t believe they have any reason to back down.”

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