Redskins left tackle Trent Williams considers Philadelphia’s Jason Peters the NFL’s best left tackle. And until Peters returns to prove otherwise, Williams will keep giving him that distinction. But the Pro Bowl is another matter. Peters can’t make that and Williams says that, yeah, sure he should.

“My body of work this season, I went up against tough opponents,” Williams said in my email report.  “I’m not perfect. I’ve played some of the top talent in the NFL at not 100 percent and still fared pretty well. I think I deserve it, but if not my biggest goal is the playoffs.”

Williams also said the thigh bruise in his left knee still bothers him greatly.

“If I was a rookie,” he said, “I’d probably be on injured reserve, seriously. It’s a very, very tough injury and it probably hasn’t improved much over the past [month] so I’m just gutting it out.”

But the third-year Williams is better equipped to handle the situation because of his experience. He can’t always rely on his athleticism, as he did when he was a rookie. If he got in trouble, his athletic ability bailed him out, allowing him to recover against a rusher beating him.

“It slows me down, definitely,” Williams said of the injury. “I have to rely more on my coaching and technique other than just trying to use athletic ability to just go out and maul guys. It makes me think more, be more conscious of what I’m doing. I’m not as capable of what I was a few weeks ago when I was healthy.”

Williams isn’t the only topic in this week’s email report. The bulk of it focuses on the three linemen drafted by Washington this season: guard/center Josh LeRibeus, guard Adam Gettis and tackle Tom Compton. Offensive line coach Chris Foerster talked about what each one has worked on since training camp –and what they still must do.

Also, how long will it take for Kirk Cousins to have real trade value (hint: A few more games)? And what adjustment did center Will Montgomery face with snapping in the pistol formation?

It’s all in the email report.