The Super Bowl presented devoted Redskins fans with no good rooting option, but some decided to go with geography over conference allegiance.

"The 'Skins are out, so I'm just being a man about the situation," said Termaine McDowell, 30, a psychology student at Bowie State. He's rooting for Baltimore, though he admits to regularly "talking smack" with Ravens fans during the regular season.

"It's in the spirit of the area," he said. "We're only separated by imaginary lines."

McDowell watched the game in a moderately crowded, but very vocal, Rocket Bar in Chinatown. There was a good mix of people in Ravens' purple jerseys and 49ers red jerseys playing pool, shooting darts and eating rib tips. But the cheers when the Ravens made a first down or scored a touchdown were a bit louder.

McDowell said he felt conflicted about rooting for the Ravens at first, but he got over it.

"The 'Skins are my team, but Baltimore is across the street. A lot of us [Redskins fans] are here, but we can put aside our differences."

Redskins fans weren't the only ones who had to put aside their differences and root for what was recently a rival.

Eunique Truesdale, a resident of the District, was rooting for the Ravens, but that wasn't his first choice.

Asked who he would prefer to have seen in the Super Bowl, he pointed to a knit Philadelphia Eagles cap on his head. He said he would prefer to see Baltimore win, but he wasn't enthusiastic.

"It doesn't really matter to me really who wins it. It isn't Philly, so it doesn't matter."