Four members of family reportedly in altercation

London Fletcher's homecoming went well for him on the field but not so well for his relatives in the stands. Four members of his family were among five people arrested after an altercation in the stands involving stadium security.

Fletcher said his relatives remained in jail as of Monday afternoon.

According to, those arrested were: Jermaine T. Robinson, 40; Asu A. Robinson, 41; Devonte D. Robinson, 19; Michael George, 43; and Terence B. Woods, 23. They were charged with assault on a peace officer, resisting arrest and aggravated riot. The Browns use Tenable Protective Services during games.

Some highlights from the police report via Jermaine Robinson was taunting other fans in the stands when a security officer confronted him. After Robinson ran toward the field and let the officer know he was a relative of Fletcher, the officer escorted him to his seat.

The report said Robinson and others in his group stood on their seats and began yelling, "What are you going to do now?" The officer ejected Robinson for a "fan-conduct violation." Also according to the report, when the officer attempted to grab Robinson, Asu Robinson and Yvette Houston, Fletcher's 57-year-old aunt, grabbed the officer. Asu Robinson punched and kicked the officer. Fans and other security personnel pulled Asa Robinson away from the officer, and he was eventually arrested. There also was an altercation in the concourse after which Jermaine Robinson, Devonte Robinson, George and Woods also were arrested.

"It was an unfortunate situation," said Fletcher, who learned of the events after the game -- his first in his hometown of Cleveland. "Put a damper on an otherwise great homecoming. ... Really, what led to the ruckus was the stadium security. As opposed to diffusing the situation, they were more instigators."