Receiver Pierre Garcon didn’t learn anything new in his doctor’s visit Wednesday. But he did receive an official diagnosis, with doctors telling him it’s a lateral ligament tear of the Plantar Plate. What no one still knows is when he’ll return.

Garcon said Thursday that he first hurt his toe in the preseason, but wrote it off as a football injury that was nothing major. In the season opener, however, Garcon felt the ligament underneath his second toe pop. Since then, he’s been mostly on the sidelines. He also said he was satisfied with the initial diagnosis from the team. Sources say they’ve known all along it was a sprain, but it was not specified until Wednesday.

“It was overuse,” he said. “That’s the best term. I felt it early in the preseason and I just kept playing. I’m kind of stubborn. [I thought], it’s just a toe injury so it’ll be all right. In New Orleans I felt it pop and that’s when things are serious, when you feel a pop.”

As reported earlier this week, Garcon said surgery is not in the plans right now – only rest. However, if his toe/foot does not respond it could be something that happens at some point.

“I’ve never had surgery before and I want to keep my streak alive,” Garcon said. “It could be a possibility.”

Garcon said doctors told him he can’t make it worse by playing, but the pain could increase. His concern is that if he starts overcompensating for this injury, another one could occur.

“I don’t want to be on the sidelines,” he said. “It’s frustrating, but you just have to think what’s best for it and what’s best for the future. This is long term; you don’t want to make it worse just for one season.

“I played with it and I can play with it, but I can’t really run full speed. I can’t get much explosion because it’s that painful. …I can keep trying. I’m out there to make plays, not to just distract guys or do whatever. But if coach wants me to go out there, I’m more than willing to do it.”

He doesn’t want to play the what-if game, either. As in: What if the Redskins had shut him down for a few weeks earlier this season? He did miss the next two games after the opener before playing in the following two (catching a combined four passes).

“When going through it, I was like hey I feel I can play a little bit, I feel I can do something,” Garcon said. “But when it came down to it and the pain pills wore off and you’re out there and the foot is hurting, you’re not performing as high as you want to. You want to say yeah I could have shut it down, but we went along and we made a group decision and we decided to go back out there and try to help the team.”