ASHBURN -- A number of local outlets carried his news conference live, as did the NFL Network. He was the only player to address the media on the day 89 of his teammates also reported. He's also the only Redskins player to have two national commercials that have debuted in the last month.

Redskins rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III, though, wasn't brought here to be a hype machine. He was brought here to help the Redskins win. Finally, starting Thursday, he will take the next step in making that happen when training camp begins.

The second overall pick is ready for all the off-field talk to end -- and for the on-field fun to begin.

In the month he was away from Redskins Park, Griffin maintained some contact with offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan -- not wanting to burn him out with too many questions. He continued to study his playbook. And he worked out with a handful of Redskins receivers in Texas.

"I made sure I spent the right amount of time in the playbook, but I didn't try to kill myself with it either," Griffin said. "It was seeing what I liked and writing down questions for the quarterbacks coach. ... We're going to do things that I like and that the receivers like."

That's partly why he feels ready for camp to begin.

"I was more anxious, maybe a little nervous for minicamps and OTAs," Griffin said, "but now that I've been through the offense and had a taste of how fast the game is and what I need to do as a quarterback to help the team win, I feel a lot more comfortable. ... I can dig deeper into [the playbook] now. When it comes to knowing the playbook, no one knows it 100 percent. It's about knowing what you have to do."

Griffin was anointed as the Redskins' starter shortly after the draft. He's also one of the most hyped players to enter the NFL in a while, complete with the Heisman and a number of endorsements.

"I've tried to stay grounded the whole time," he said. "We live in a right-now world. It's mostly what have you done for me lately. Right now the only thing I've been good for the Redskins is fan popularity and the fan base being excited to come out and support us. I try to make sure I stay focused and continue to work and act like the undrafted free agent who's trying to make the team."

He has worked hard at trying to be a leader while deferring to veteran linebacker London Fletcher. But he knows he can't act a certain way around his teammates.

"You can't be approachable if you're larger than life or if they feel you think you're larger than life," he said. "You have to be down to earth and talk to them and be real with them."