Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett said he’s not sure whether or not bye-week meetings with the defensive players will make a difference Sunday – and for the rest of the season.

“We’ll find out,” he said. “We’ll find out.’

Haslett said the meetings weren’t unusual, that it’s something they’ll do throughout the season. But he also called it a good time to have them, during a bye just after the midweek point. Not to mention after three straight losses.

“You address the problems when you have it if you have an issue,” he said. “This was good timing, that’s all. It was just good timing to talk to some individuals and groups. It’s nothing different than you do throughout the season.”

On Wednesday, corner DeAngelo Hall said players had one-on-one meetings with their coaches, who discussed ways they could improve. Haslett said it was a “little of everybody” who was involved in the meetings.

“We did a lot of that and did a lot of talking to guys about things we expect from them and things we got, but not on a consistent basis,” Haslett said. “We got our point across and I think they understand where we’re at and where they’re at. Hopefully it will pay off.”


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