We've made the case for and against Peyton Manning. We've done it for Kyle Orton. And now it's Matt Flynn's turn. He likely will be an unrestricted free agent.

Why it makes sense » Several scouts and evaluators have changed their opinion of him since he was coming out of college. They like him and say he would be a good choice for the Redskins, allowing them to upgrade other areas through the draft. He's tough. He's athletic. Flynn also wouldn't cost as much as Manning or maybe even Orton. While he was working with talented wideouts in Green Bay -- when he got to play, that is -- he at times did a nice job putting the ball where only his guys could get it. As one scout said, he likely would do that for any wideout.

Why it doesn't » One simple reason: They apparently don't like him. Multiple league sources say the Redskins' internal scouting report on Flynn was not good. He's not considered an elite talent, nor does he have a strong arm. If he's viewed as another Kevin Kolb -- or worse -- then keep this in mind: The Redskins liked John Beck more than Kolb coming out of college (they were in the same draft class). Beck, of course, is under contract. Flynn has thrown just 132 passes in four years. A coach that needs to win now will want to find a more proven option.

Chance it happens » Slim. It's hard to imagine the Redskins pursuing him. They could change their minds, but it's unlikely at this point.

- John Keim