Lorenzo Alexander is finally a Pro Bowler. According to a tweet by his agent, JR Rickert, Alexander earned the first Pro Bowl berth of his career. The official announcement will come at 7 p.m.

The Redskins credit Alexander with 29 special teams tackles. Earlier Wednesday, Alexander said he had improved even from last season when teammates and coaches said he deserved Pro Bowl consideration as well. Alexander moved from outside linebacker to the inside, which necessitated a loss in weight. He dropped around 15 pounds.

Alexander said special teams coach Danny Smith said he had “eight or nine” more tackles on special teams than in 2011.

“Speed,” he said as to why that was the case. “Being able to get down there a lot faster. Some of those tackles I would have missed last year, being a step slower, and we have guys that have a better understanding of the system, getting Chris Wilson back, Ryan Kehl back, Reed Doughty always, Niles [Paul].”