1. Safety Brandon Meriweather said he hopes to be ready for the season opener vs. New Orleans, after injuring his left knee vs. Chicago on Saturday. Every player is always hopeful. And remember this: Meriweather played for Bill Belichick in New England and now for Mike Shanahan, two guys notorious for wanting players to be stingy with injury information. It was difficult to get Meriweather to even say he was hopeful about playing.

2. Speaking of Meriweather, the Redskins coaches have consistently said they felt he would be better in their system than in Chicago’s. Meriweather had a reputation for being a gambler in the Bears’ cover-2 system with NFL sources saying he lacked the instincts to play the position.

Meriweather said it’s as much the coaches as the system.

“You got coach Mike… he’s laid back,” Meriweather said. “He’s more like me than coach Lovie [Smith]. Coach Lovie was more do it this way. I’m more of a get-the-job-done player and not a do-it-this-way player.”

In other words he likes to be creative.

“You get a lot of that in this defense,” he said.

3. Redskins corner Josh Wilson has a message for ex-running back Clinton Portis, making his retirement announcement Thursday at Redskins Park: His old jersey is for sale. Wilson now wears No. 26.

“If he wanted to buy his jersey back, his number is available,” Wilson said. “Oh mean, he made a lot of money here. I know he still has a lot. This is my second year so it’s going to cost him a nice bit. I’m willing to sacrifice. I’ll wear 25 or 24 for a day if that’s what it takes.”

4. Wilson said the uneven play in the secondary last week came down to this: “I don’t think we got out-schemed. At the moment of truth we didn’t make a play. You’ve got to be able to make a play at the moment of truth.

“You learn a lot more when you get beat than when you shut someone down. We had a lot of learning this past weekend.”

5. Count veteran tackle Jordan Black among those who think having an experienced swing tackle is important. Of course, considering he has the most experience among those trying to be a swing tackle for the Redskins, what else would he say? Black has split time at both tackle spots in the past week of practice.

Rookie Tom Compton has worked only on the left side. Also, Maurice Hurt can play tackle (though he’s only taken snaps on the right side). If they didn’t keep Black and something happened to left tackle Trent Williams in a game, they could shift Tyler Polumbus from the right side to the left and insert Hurt at right tackle. If they have Black, they would need to make just one move and put him on the left side. Black still needs to prove he can handle the job. But he does understand what comes with the role.

“A swing tackle has to have a different mindset because it’s high pressure to go into a game at one of the tackle positions,” he said. “But then you have to be on top of it to where you’re prepared to play on the right or left. It’s a unique position in the NFL. The key to being a swing guy is that you don’t want to spend too much time working on one side of the ball. If there’s a chance you’re going to play both you make sure you’re taking reps on the right side and left side because it doesn’t take long for your muscle memory to start fading if you don’t work at it.”