1. Quarterback Kirk Cousins said he saw Robert Griffin III at a rookie function Monday morning and that his fellow rookie quarterback “seems fine. He seems in good spirits. He appears to be doing well.” Quarterback Rex Grossman said he talked to Griffin and that he “seemed to be doing better.”
  2. Grossman said the play in which Griffin got hurt was a tough one primarily because of the area. In the red zone, things move differently. “Everything happens so fast in the red zone,” he said. “Lanes close quick and you think you might be able to run it in there and all of a sudden they’re scraping over the top and knocking you out….I think he might learn from that one a little bit. He’ll be fine. He seemed like he was fine after the game. He’s tough. He’ll fight through it and probably play, but I don’t know.”
  3. We’ll know more when coach Mike Shanahan has his press conference on Monday about Griffin’s status. Griffin must show that he is symptom-free before he can return to the practice field. Cousins also said he hasn’t been told anything about whether or not he’ll play Sunday.
  4. Corner DeAngelo Hall said Griffin apologized to him for letting the team down. And linebacker Lorenzo Alexander said the players message to Griffin would be, “You have nothing to prove. We need you for the rest of the season.” In other words: get out of bounds.
  5. Safety Reed Doughtytook the blame for the 18-yard touchdown pass to Julio Jones – a play that upset corner Josh Wilson because he received no help.
  6. Yes, missed field goals haves an impact aside from not getting three points. “It’s hard,” Alexander said. “They were able to come back down and score a touchdown so instead of maybe going in 10-0 you’re going in 7-7. It definitely changed their mindset. The defense takes it as a stop. It changed momentum. We definitely need to make those. I’m confident we’ll get that straightened out here because we have to. If we want to win games, we have to score every time. We’re not good enough yet to overcome missed field goals, blocked punts or having turnovers. We’re not that good yet.”
  7. Ironically, they had a punt blocked in the opener and won and they missed three field goals against Tampa Bay and won. But the point is valid: The Redskins have little margin for error.

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