The Redskins added receiver Josh Morgan, hoping to increase their explosiveness at the position. But for now at least, Morgan doesn't have the explosiveness he wants. Or needs.

By the time training camp rolls around in late July, that could change. Morgan said he's almost 100 percent healed from an ankle injury in October.

"I'm very, very close," he said. "I have to get my explosion back. The pain is gone. Everything else is healed."

Morgan said he underwent X-rays last week and will have an MRI soon to make sure his torn ligaments have healed right. He said he still has seven screws in his ankle. He also fractured his leg in that Oct. 9 injury.

"It's definitely a matter of strength and making sure you don't overdo it so you don't mess up," Morgan said. "I used to have a 41-inch vertical, and now it's only 36."

Morgan was injured late in a 48-3 San Francisco win over Tampa Bay. The 49ers, with a banged-up receiving corps, threw to him on fourth-and-3 rather than attempt a field goal with under four minutes remaining.

"Fourth quarter, three minutes left, we're up [38 points] and coach [Jim] Harbaugh didn't take us out of the game," Morgan said. "It is what it is. You can't cry over spilled milk.

"They said it's usually a six-month rehab process, and it's only the third month. But I'm healing fast."

Morgan's situation, coupled with Leonard Hankerson returning from hip surgery, means the Redskins need Santana Moss to continue looking as he did this spring. That would give them a reliable and healthy target.

- John Keim