1. Defensive end Jarvis Jenkins hasn’t generated as much buzz this summer as he did a year ago, before hurting his ACL. And he admitted that some of the issues he needed to work on last year are still present, such as staying low.

“I think I can do a lot better,” Jenkins said. “Last year I was coming in real full speed. The difference now is I know a lot more and studied a lot more. I’m coming out now and being more physical. That’s the main thing.

“I could have pressured a little more [Thursday]. My technique was good, but I have to work on staying low. I’m not yet [back to 2011 form] but I have a few more games to get back to last year.”

Jenkins didn’t practice Saturday because of flu-like symptoms (he had a fever), but said he will practice Monday afternoon.

2. Chris Cooley said he’d like to play 20 to 25 snaps, but he doesn’t care if they come at tight end or fullback. He started and played approximately 10 snaps at fullback vs. Buffalo.

“I’m not concerned where I line up,” Cooley said. “It would be good for us if I could play everywhere. If I’m here doing everything that’s an asset. If [Darrel Young] is hurt six weeks in I feel comfortable going in and playing that position. I think they like that.

“If you ask me what I want to do, I want to start at tight end and catch 80 balls. But at the same time I want this team to be successful, this offense to be successful and us to win games. I really don’t care where I am if we’re doing that.”

Cooley said it’s hard to gauge how well he did vs. Buffalo, nor does he want to be judged just by his play there alone for an obvious reason: It’s not his natural position. He said he was happy with his play and hopes it, once more, shows his versatility.

“I’m not going to be the kind of player like DY where you’re going to see someone knock someone down in a hole,” Cooley said. “But I’m an efficient player at fullback.”

3. As for his handoff at the goal line, Cooley said, “I was surprised to get a handoff. I would have liked it if I had a 15-yard gain. I don’t like getting hit by five guys the second I touch the ball but I don’t think anyone does.”

In case you’re wondering why Cooley is quoted a lot, there’s a simple reason. After the morning walk-through it’s difficult to get players because they’re close to the exits and head there immediately. Guys like Cooley are popular because he’s an intriguing player this camp – what will happen to him? – and is stopped a lot. Now you know.

4. The question for Cooley, as always, is what does his versatility mean? The belief is that Niles Paul could learn fullback soon enough. The Redskins don’t use their fullbacks on every down (some games much less depending on the scheme). Logan Paulsen plays special teams and, if he continues to show that he’s an improved blocker he has a role. Cooley will need to make this roster for reasons other than this, I think. The versatility helps, but how much? We’ll find out in a few weeks.

5. Running back Alfred Morris is going to be hard to keep off the roster if he keeps running as he did Thursday. That’s why it’ll get tricky when it comes to keeping extra guys at other spots, such as tight end or receiver.

Anyway, Morris said, “I’ve been opening eyes in some of the practices but it solidified doing it in a game. Anyone can do it in practice. But doing it in a game is definitely a plus.”


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