Some leftover tidbits from Wednesday:

Robert Griffin III isn’t bothered by pundits who don’t expect much from the Redskins this season, or even for Griffin to win the offensive rookie of the year award. The majority of national media have picked others, such as Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, to win that honor.

“It doesn’t bother me at all really,” Griffin said. “If anything, it can continue to try to knock you down and it’s just about you not listening to that. I always think you never want what bad things people say about you to motivate you, but it can give you a little extra juice in your tank.

“When those kinds of things come out, you just try to make sure that you don’t really worry about it because you’re not looking for an individual award. When they talk about you not making the playoffs, you just go out there and say, ‘All right, you don’t think we’re going to make the playoffs and we’re going to go make the playoffs.

…Here’s what Griffin said when asked about how much he wants to run. “If I was a running back I’d say 20 to 25 touches,” he said. “That’s what Alfred [Morris] is looking for. Or [Roy] Helu. Or [Evan] Royster. Being a mobile quarterback you can go out there and make a couple runs and you run five pass plays and you run on two of them. It happens that way sometimes. I’m not going to put a number on that.”

Yes, when asked about running the first back he mentioned was Morris. I have no idea if anything can be read into that or not. Morris certainly looked good in the preseason, but he’s also a rookie who is still learning to pass protect at an NFL level.

Coach Mike Shanahan was non-committal and stuck by his earlier comments that the starter might not be known until Saturday.

He said of Helu and Royster, “They’ve had good preseason games and seem to be coming on now [with their] health. We’ll get a chance to evaluate them this week.”

…Griffin said he’s learned a lot as a pro in the four months since he was drafted by the Redskins.

“It’s a lot of responsibility,” he said. “It’s really on you to make sure you do what you have to do to be successful, along with making sure your teammates are doing the same. I’ve grown a lot. I’ve never been a guy who has gone out and done a lot. I’ve stayed true to who I am.”

…Saints interim (interim) coach Aaron Kromer said the Saints have endured plenty over the last few years. So he’s not worried about their resolve coming off an offseason of suspensions.

“This is a resilient bunch,” Kromer said. “This is a resilient area that we live in. They get hit by hurricanes, they get flooded and they come to a football game and forget all about it and they scream like crazy. That’s what we love about it. Our team doesn’t flinch in situations like this.”

… The one guy Drew Brees said teams must prepare for when facing the Redskins’ defense? Linebacker London Fletcher.

“I don’t see a drop-off at all,” Brees said. “The guy is still all over the place making all kinds of tackles. You can tell he’s the leader of the defense. Guys look at him for a lot of things. He doesn’t come off the field. He’s just a great player. I think any time you’re going up against a guy like that, especially since he plays inside linebacker, it’s a little bit of a chess match.”

…Brandon Meriweather will miss two to four weeks with a knee injury.

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