1. Quarterback Robert Griffin III will see an independent neurologist Monday and then Tuesday he’ll do cardio work on the treadmill. If he has no symptoms of a concussion – headaches, dizziness, nausea – then he’ll be cleared to practice Wednesday. But Griffin will be monitored throughout the week to make sure the symptoms don’t return. Coach Mike Shanahan said Griffin showed no symptoms of a concussion Monday.
  2. Shanahan said he’s satisfied that they complied with NFL guidelines regarding a player’s status update during the game. The NFL mandates that teams provide accurate information as soon as possible during the game, wanting to make sure nothing is done to harm the competitive balance of a game. Late in the third quarter or so, the Redskins announced Griffin was “shaken up” and was questionable to return; a  Redskins spokesman said they did not yet know yet whether Griffin had suffered a concussion when that announcement was made. At some point, following a neurologist’s exam in the locker room, they knew he had suffered a concussion and would not return. “I’m not sure if it’s appropriate phrase [but] I use it all the time,” Shanahan said. “This guy looks like he’s shaken up. It doesn’t mean he has a concussion. That’s why they go through these procedures and why they don’t let someone like me make those decisions.”
  3. Shanahan said when Griffin came to the sidelines following the hit (which occurred around the 6:22 mark of the third quarter), the rookie told him he was fine. “I said, no you’re not fine, your eyes look a little glassy,” Shanahan said. “The doctors talked to him and he knew the quarter and the score. So they took him in the box [behind the bench] and asked him again what was the quarter and what was the score. The second time he missed it, the first time he got it. That’s when we took him to the locker room and administered the concussion test. That’s when they decided he had a concussion.”
  4. Griffin suffered a concussion at Baylor last November and did not play in the second half.