1. An injury update; not looking good right now for Pierre Garcon.

2. Running back Alfred Morris’ speed isn’t the best – he ran the 40-yard dash in 4.68 seconds at the scouting combine. But the Redskins look at another back coached by Mike Shanahan who ran a 4.7 in the 40: Terrell Davis.

3. Offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan’s explanation on this is really good:

“A lot of those fast guys at the combine, you don’t see as many long runs. Game speed is about carrying your pads, pressing blocks and putting your foot violently in the ground and how much you can accelerate out of a cut. Al’s a guy, when he puts his foot down, he gains momentum from that. He can put a foot in the ground and explode out of it. He can be faster coming out of a cut than going into it. A lot of those fast guys it’s like they’re playing on ice sometimes. It takes a while for them to stop and resituate their hips. Al’s like Terrell Davis that way. He wasn’t a fast guy, but he hit that hole and if there’s a lane he found that crease and he was gone. If a guy is really fast and right behind him, they would catch him. But usually he was pressing and making guys overrun the hole and cutting back. Once you get guys to overrun the hole they won’t catch him.”

4. More on Robert Griffin III’s number of carries. This time Kyle Shanahan weighs in, after we spoke to Griffin and Mike Shanahan about it Wednesday.

“This is our first time going through it so we’re learning as we go,” Kyle Shanahan said. “We never go into it with the game plan carrying the ball all the time. When the defense covers everyone else he has to be a threat and pull away and go run with it. So you hope you’re not calling many plays where you run against every look.”

And Shanahan said they have no set number in mind.

“Quarterbacks take the worst hits when they’re in the pocket trying to throw the ball,” he said. “When he’s running with it he has an idea where it’s coming from and his eyes are on people. Not all quarterbacks have the ability to get out of the way but he does. He’s done a good job not taking too much hits.”

5. One improvement in receiver Leonard Hankerson’s game? Blocking. He had several key blocks against St. Louis, including on both of Alfred Morris’ long runs (totaling 56 yards).

“He has size, he’s not like Niles Paul out there where he’s a trained killer,” Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan said. “He won’t turn anything down. He understands the run game and who people are and takes the right angles and gets on people.”

6. Defensive coordinator Jim Haslett on losing Adam Carriker and Brian Orakpo: “It’s a challenge for everybody. But we have great confidence in Jarvis. It’s good to see Chris Baker healthy now. We’ll see what he can do. Rak will be hard to replace because he’s a great player. But I feel good between Rob Jackson, Chris Wilson and Markus White. We’ll work all three so that they can make it up. Maybe they won’t play at Rak’s level, but they can be efficient in certain areas.”


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