…Redskins coach Mike Shanahan delivered the same update to the NFL Network that he did for us last week, saying that Robert Griffin III’s recovery is ahead of schedule. But what that means for the future or when he’ll be able to play in a game, Shanahan remains non-committal. Which he should be. There’s no reason whatsoever to rush a player — any player — into action. And while Shanahan has been knocked for playing Griffin in the playoffs I’ve yet to hear from another player or even coaches who have worked with him who say he’d rush a guy back. One coach, who probably had reason to dislike him, said Shanahan leaves it up to the players and the medical staff. Of course, it’s his call as to whether or not a player is effective even if cleared (which is where you could question the playoff game situation).

Anyway, here’s what Shanahan told the NFL Network:

“Any time you deal with the knee or ligaments, you can get the muscles stronger around it, but it does take some time. Robert will do it the right way and we will find out in July exactly where he is at. You are hoping he is ready, but you cannot plan for him to be ready. Kirk Cousins will work at the quarterback position and have all the reps in the offseason.  Robert will have a lot of reps but it will be mental. You will know when he is 100 percent [based on] what he can do on the football field, what he can do through  practices. He will not come back until he is 100 percent.”

…Shanahan also said Griffin still needs to learn how to protect himself when he does take off running. But don’t look for the zone read option game to disappear. Shanahan told NFLN the same thing he said throughout the season: the option does a better job of protecting the quarterback than other plays. Why? Because there’s no defender to account for the quarterback in the run game. And when teams started bringing linebackers off the edge (allowing the end to focus on the running back), the Redskins countered with a “bluff” block by the fullback. He’ll fake going at the end and instead take out the linebacker. And once more no one is there for the quarterback, allowing Griffin to gain yards and get out of bounds.

…The Redskins received no compensatory picks from the NFL on Monday night which should be no surprise. There is a formula the NFL uses to decide these picks — you have to lose more free agents than you sign. The Redskins did not. Hence, no compensatory picks. This is not part of some NFL conspiracy against the Redskins.

…NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell told reporters at the NFL meetings Monday that the Redskins have been told they will not be getting any cap space back. Again, not a surprise. The Redskins had said all along they would not talk about this issue until it was over. They addressed it the day before free agency in detail so they knew the matter was over. General manager Bruce Allen continued to say there was a chance they’d get money back, but it seemed clear by this point that wasn’t really the case.

“I have told the Redskins directly that there will be no change to that or a modification to the cap,” Goodell said.