…Linebacker London Fletcher and left tackle Trent Williams did not practice for a second straight day, though their status for Monday’s game vs. the Giants remains uncertain. Williams has maintained that he will play; Fletcher has not been in the locker room during the open media sessions. Nor was he seen at practice.

When asked if he was concerned about them playing Monday, Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said, “You never know. All you can do is worry about something you can control. They both want to paly. They’re both doing everything hey can to play.”

Williams said his mindset is a combination of wanting to prove he can play through pain as well as knowing how much his team needs him.

“I think it’s a little bit of both,” Williams said. “It’s hard, after all. It’s just hard. Because when your body feel pain you automatically want to shut down and it’s not an easy thing to play through. Especially when you’re playing against people who get paid millions to beat you and when you’re less than 100 percent it makes it that much harder. I just feel like for me to be a huge asset to this team I have to play hurt and I have to be able to finish games.”

…Shanahan said he didn’t want to talk much about defensive end Jason Babin, who was claimed by Jacksonville off waivers. The Redskins had put in a claim on him as well. But Shanahan did say, “He’s an excellent pass rusher. Everyone knows what he’s done. we know a number of guys who know him quite well.”

The Redskins play a 3-4; Babin has spent more time in a 4-3, but the Redskins use a lot of 4-3 looks in their sub-packages.

…Giants receiver Victor Cruz was complimentary toward the Redskins with the New York media Wednesday, but he did say they were a couple pieces away from being a contender. Considering the Redskins are 5-6 and had won 11 games the previous two years, it’s tough to disagree.

“In this league you’ve got to prove it. We haven’t proved it,” Redskins corner DeAngelo Hall said. “Even though we beat them two out of the last three times, you still got to prove it. Even thought we’ve faced them and matched up well against them, we haven’t matched up well against other teams in this league. I can’t argue with him right now. They won the last one and they got two Super Bowl rings over the last four years. We’ve got to keep working. We’ll see what he says after the game.”

…Linebacker Bryan Kehl, claimed off waivers Wednesday, said he worked with all the starting special teams units except punt return Thursday. The Redskins cut Kehl after the final preseason game. Kehl played three games with Kansas City, but was released this week.

“That’s one of the biggest reliefs is not having to learn another defense,” Kehl said. “Being out there [Thursday] it was just clicking, other than the stuff they added since I moved on, it’s all in there.”

Kehl is an inside linebacker, though played outside this summer for the first time. With linebacker Keenan Robinson sidelined for the season, the Redskins needed another backup.

Defensive coordinator Jim Haslett said of Kehl, “He knows the defense and he’s one of those guys we were torn. We wanted to keep him. We just didn’t have the roster spot. So with London being knicked up and we’re kind of hurting there with Keenan so it’s another guy that can go in and you don’t have to worry about him. He’ll do everything right.”


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