A week ago it was Joshua Morgan who threw a ball at an opposing player for a 15-yard penalty. Sunday it was offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan who drew a 15-yard flag for unsportsmanlike conduct near the end of the game.

Shanahan’s penalty cost the Redskins 15 yards right before a failed Hail Mary and it stemmed from the officials incorrectly telling the teams the game was over after a false start penalty with seven seconds remaining. That prompted the Bengals to walk onto the field as if it were over. But there was no runoff because the clock already had been stopped because of a spiked ball on the previous play.

Monday, Shanahan released a statement regarding his actions:

“When I overheard the official tell the head coach that the game was over after the false start penalty, I tried to explain that the game was not over. That is what resulted in the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. I tried to get an explanation of how I could get that penalty when half of the other team was on the field as well.

“I was frustrated, and in the process of trying to get some answers from the officials, I conducted myself in the wrong way.

“I ask our players to hold themselves to a high standard and be accountable and I know that I’m accountable for my actions as well.

“I know that I need to handle those situations better in the future. My emotions got the best of me and I know it’s my responsibility. This will never happen again.”

Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said he didn’t want his son talking about this situation Monday because his usual day to talk is Thursday. He did not want to make a habit of having coordinators talk at different times during the week. Morgan spoke with reporters about his penalty on Sunday and Monday after his penalty vs. the Rams. But Shanahan said one difference this week is that his son was protesting because the refs had told them the game was over.

“That wasn’t the difference in winning or losing the game,” Shanahan said. “Those things do occur. You would like cooler heads to prevail and that’s what I expect.

“I don’t know if I was very cool in the situation. I was very strong with my words to the officials. Is that cooler heads or trying to get one more play? … Yeah I was very upset at that time as well.”

Two other NFL coaches were fined for their conduct toward officials last week, making it likely Kyle Shanahan’s actions will cost him some money.

“We’ll let the powers that be take a look at what transpired and let them make a decision,” Mike Shanahan said.