Redskins offensive tackle Jordan Black, suspended by the NFL on Monday for taking performance enhancing drugs, said he was taking a drug prescribed by a doctor for a diagnosis confirmed by several doctors, including one’s from the NFL.

Black was suspended for four games, the final two of this season and then any combination of playoff games or 2013 regular season games.

And, Black said, when he played two years ago he tested positive for taking the same medication. But the case was thrown out before it reached the appeal process. The NFL declined comment on the situation.

“For some reason it did not work out that way [this time],” he said. “This is a process I tried to keep the NFL in the loop from day one. I contacted the league and informed them I was coming back and wanted to get everything squared away so I wouldn’t have to deal with drug test issues from the beginning.  I was on the plane [coming to Washington in August] contacting the NFL about it.”

Black said he received the prescription “a long time ago.” He declined to say what it was for.

“The team was aware of it, the team doctors and trainers were aware of it, my teammates have been aware of it,” he said. “It’s been no secret. … It’s like a railroad job.”

A team source confirmed the Redskins knew of his diagnosis when they signed him. There was speculation that the PED could have been used to help him gain weight. Black weighed 270 pounds when the Redskins signed him. But he said he weighs only 275.2 pounds now.

Black said he’s had to fight this situation all season. He also said his options are limited, if he has any at all. The appeal process already has taken place. Black said his attorney told him there’s nothing he can do at this point, even if he offers concrete evidence that contradicts the ruling. However, Black said he will keep fighting the ruling.

“This is a situation where logic is not involved,” Black said. “The process is so bureaucratic that there’s not a person in position to evaluate the situation logically and make a decision because clearly this is not a case of me violating anything.”

Black’s teammates pounced on Twitter on Monday night to strongly defend him.

“These guys know what a doper is,” he said. “They know what a doper looks like when using a performance enhancing drug and they know it’s not me. If any one player that was playing at a disadvantage, I’d say it was an offensive tackle for the Redskins that just played a game at 275 pounds.”