Jordan Black had a business meeting planned Monday. He was going to meet with people about a commercial real estate venture.

It’s now on hold.

“I still have football in me,” Black said. “My heart’s still in the game.”

The Redskins signed the veteran offensive tackle Monday night, looking for insurance after injuries to guard Kory Lichtensteiger and tackle Jammal Brown. The problem for Black is adding weight. He said he weighs around 275 pounds and though he feels he could play in this system around 285 pounds.

However, Black said he’s embarked on a 7,000-calorie per day diet to add another 15 pounds.

“You just have to eat as much as you possibly can,” Black said. “An extra steak here, an extra protein shake there. Just making sure you’re eating snacks between meals.

“Lucky for me this is probably the only scheme in the NFL to allow the linemen to be a little undersized. I’ve seen it done by people who have done it a little lighter. It’s possible.”

Black has played in 80 career games with 40 starts (29 through 2006). But he was out of the game last season, having been cut by New Orleans. He spoke with Chicago about possibly signing there, he said, but when Jay Cutler was hurt the Bears signed a quarterback instead.

“My expectation is to expect nothing, hope for nothing,” Black said. “I’m just going to do what I can. Their expectations are probably similar to mine. They’re hoping to get lucky and find something they like or they may not like it.”

Regardless, Black hopes his plans for a Snap Fitness franchise in Houston are on hold. And he’s glad to be back playing football.

“I’ve always said players that have never spent time away from the game don’t understand the appreciation for it once it’s over,” he said. “I can look back, all the things I love of the game I’m so much more aware of it. It makes it such a fulfilling experience.

“I said to my wife one day I’m going to miss putting tape on my fingers before a game. Miss the feeling of putting gloves on. Just overall being part of something that’s so big and the NFL is just a huge thing. It’s hard once you go away from the game to not miss it.”