1. Robert Griffin III threw the ball well during his limited time on the field during Thursday’s organized team activity session. He was throwing to players who, like him, are rehabbing: Fred Davis, Jordan Reed, Roy Helu, Pierre Garcon.
  2. Griffin was able to put pressure on his surgically-repaired right leg as he threw. Not as much as he normally would, but definitely more than he could vs. Seattle, for example. He would drop back on occasion and throw; he executed some play-action tosses. There were a couple times where he threw all arm or off his front foot more. But his passes were largely accurate (against no defenses, of course).
  3. Griffin handled his press conference well, as he usually does. Said all the right things and now we move forward with the story. Whether there’s underlying friction or not, it really won’t be revealed until we get through another season and see how Griffin is used and whether or not he’s upset with it. But if he runs a little less (some of this is on him, mind you) and the Redskins win and he develops as a passer (which will advance the offense much more than his running) then all will be well. It’s just too early on May 23 to sound numerous alarms.
  4. Did not know until Thursday about Josh Wilson’s surgery to repair a torn pectoral muscle. Sounds like he should be ready for training camp. Also learned that Pierre Garcon underwent surgery to repair a torn labrum.
  5. Reed Doughty and Jordan Pugh were the first team safeties, for whatever that’s worth. Roddrick Muckelroy was working at London Fletcher’s inside linebacker spot. What does this mean? It’s May 23.
  6. Josh LeRibeus said he hurt his left hamstring (Mike Shanahan said it was his groin) and Maurice Hurt injured his groin. Both worked off to the side. Shanahan said they’re around 90 percent.
  7. Pat White’s accuracy was an issue early in his NFL career. It remains one.
  8. Tight end Niles Paul had a nice block on one stretch run to the right (they’re not in pads so take all of this with a major grain of salt). It was good enough for Logan Paulsen to shout at Paul; can’t print what he said, but let’s just say he was a little pumped.
  9. Paul later went by rookie safety Phillip Thomas on a wheel route, catching a deep ball from quarterback Rex Grossman.
  10. Kirk Cousins certainly has more command on the field than a year ago, which is to be expected. Liked how on one play, with the pocket collapsing, he kept his eyes downfield, stepped and the slid to his left and delivered a perfect pass to Leonard Hankerson.  Earlier, on a bootleg to the right, Cousins threw a perfect pass to Hankerson.
  11. Brandon Jenkins is a big shouldered but relatively lean player. I don’t know what that means, but now you know.
  12. Corner David Amerson did a pretty good job with his eyes and knowing where he was supposed to be. He did get beat deep on a post by Aldrick Robinson, though the coaches talked more with safety DeJon Gomes afterward. However, Amerson showed his playmaking ability on an interception of Grossman. While Grossman looked around Amerson, on the right, read his eyes and knew where he was going with the ball. Secondary coach Raheem Morris anticipated the play (based on his yelling) and when the ball was thrown to Amerson’s man (forgot who it was, sorry) the rookie pounced and picked it off. I like how well Amerson is able to plant and drive on a ball. You could see that in his college film, too.
  13. Bacarri Rambo picked off a Grossman overthrow down the middle two plays later.
  14. Shanahan said he won’t have ‘Robert Rules’ in training camp.
  15. “What you have to do if a guy is able to practice, he’s able to practice,” Shanahan said, “because whatever you’re doing, you’re going to put your legs in certain situations that causes stress. We don’t want to put him in situation that he’s not ready for. So it’s an ongoing process. The doctors will evaluate him. They’ve looked at guys with ACLs for a long time. They’re the experts in that area. They’ll let me know if they think he’s ready to go.”
  16. Shanahan said of linebacker Brian Orakpo, who was participating: “He’s had no setback at all. He’s been going full speed over the last four weeks. He looks as good as ever. Hopefully he can keep that up… He was hurt last year. You could see that soreness in there. Right now, you can tell it’s completely healed and we’ll keep our fingers crossed that there’s no setback.”
  17. Offensive lineman Trent Williams didn’t sound like he thought the offense needed to change to have Griffin stop running. “The plays he sustained the injuries on, they weren’t called runs. They were on scrambles. He’s the type of player that will try to turn nothing into something every snap. So I don’t feel like the offense was hurting him. It was just Robert, man. He’s a great gifted athlete and he’ll try to get the most out of every play. Sometimes that can be the best for us as you see in the Minnesota game and sometimes it can be a detriment as you see in the Ravens game. It’s really pick your poison but I don’t think this offense will limit him in any way or put him in harm’s way. As he gets older he’ll learn how to get down and avoid contact.”