1. OK, the Kirk Cousins report today. Not quite ready for a separate report, but a good day nonetheless for Cousins. Of course, he was a story anyway because of his impersonation of coach Mike Shanahan in a team meeting the previous night. Fellow rookies Nick Martinez and Tom Compton helped him out. Martinez apparently did a dead-on of Paul Kelly, director of football administration, and Compton was Shannon Sharpe (who spoke to the team earlier this year).

But Cousins had his hair slicked back with a golf shirt, khaki shorts and loafers with no socks. Shannon’s post-practice apparel.

Cousins admitted he was nervous doing a skit poking fun at the head coach.

“I was surprised at how well it was received, and we got a standing ovation at the end. Some of the coaches said it was the best they’ve seen in 20 years so I was pretty pleased with it.”

2. But Cousins’ Wednesday was good too. He’s struggled with some interceptions, but not today. He showed his arm strength on a few throws. He ran a bootleg to the left and threw a deep post back to Aldrick Robinson, running the other way. Robinson was wide open (not sure who messed up). But it was a good throw. Cousins also threw a touchdown pass to Pierre Garcon, who beat Richard Crawford down the left sideline for a touchdown. Another nice throw.

3. The thing I’ve noticed about Tyler Polumbus is that he has to sometimes overcorrect for his height (6-foot-8). He has times where he’s more than capable, but other times when defenders get into his pads because he stands too upright. Then if he tries to stay low he sometimes gets off-balance because he gets a little too low and then he tries to overreach and then… pressure. All of this happened in the one-on-ones; even linebacker Monte Lewis – yes, the one from Jacksonville State – crashed into him on one rush and moved him back. Later, Lewis went wide and Polumbus tried to reach him with his arms rather than his feet; he extended too far and lost him. Perhaps he gets a bit impatient (unlike Trent Williams).

4. Also, linebacker Chris Wilson got low against Polumbus and turned the corner. It’s a challenge for Polumbus (who did have one good block on a run around the end by Robert Griffin III in the red zone).

5. And then there’s Williams. Wrote about him in Tuesday’s report, but I can’t help it. He’s been fun to watch in these drills. He’s patient and if a guy gets into his pads, he swallows them up. At worst he had draws today vs. Brian Orakpo and a draw for an offensive lineman is a win. On one rush, he waited until Orakpo committed to the outside, going low, and then got his hands on him.

6. One problem the young linemen have is this: allowing defenders to get too much into their pads. Rookie Adam Gettis has had this happen a few times and it leads to him being stood up. But when Gettis used his hands better against rookie nose tackle Delvin Johnson he was much better. However, Johnson won’t make the team and the guys who will are tough for Gettis to block right now. My guy Chris Baker powered into him and moved him back. Baker continues to beat the young linemen; curious to see how he’ll fare when facing starter types. That’s always the key.

7. Baker has worked at left end, nose tackle and nickel. Heck, maybe he’s worked at right end too and I haven’t seen it. Regarldess, he’s showing that he can play end or tackle. Baker tends to jump a little early at times. He also was too upright on a stunt, preventing him from having much power or explosion when he came around to his left.

8. One of his competitors, Chris Neild, had one good push on a pass rush and forced a hurried throw.

9. Second-year end Jarvis Jenkins hasn’t looked as good as he did last summer. Defensive coordinator Jim Haslett said in the spring he thought it would take some time. It is. Meanwhile, he was stuffed in the one-on-ones by rookie guard Nick Martinez, who used his hands well to slow him. Martinez needed to finish a little better with his feet, but overall a good stuff. Martinez later did a nice job vs. Kedric Golston, too. “There you go, that’s it!” line coach Chris Foerster said.

10. Maurice Hurt worked at right tackle with the second unit on Wednesday. Hurt said he’s recognizing things better, which is good. However, he’s a little too upright before the snap (butt’s a little high; weird for me to notice and I’m not proud). Maybe that’s how he likes it, but there were times in the 11-on-11 when he was too upright after the snap as well. He gets too high on his backpedals and allows defenders to get into him. He’s not big enough or strong enough to do what Williams does and engulf them. Again, our guy Monte Lewis drove him back on one pass set in 11-on-11.  Cripes, maybe I have to pay more attention to Lewis.

11. Hurt did have  a good reaction when Markus White tried to get inside him on one pass set. Part of the issue sometimes is that Hurt’s base is a bit narrow, preventing quicker feet. Other times his base seems a little flat. Could be wrong because there are different techniques, but when a guy is getting beat often something’s wrong.

12. Rookie safety Jordan Bernstine reacted well to a deep out intended for Samuel Kirkland (from Rex Grossman). Bernstine broke up the pass.

13. Lorenzo Alexander seems to be getting more and more comfortable inside; his speed is starting to show a little more.

14. Anthony Armstrong was fielding kickoffs today (after Brandon Banks).

15. Josh LeRibeus worked at left guard with the first unit. Not sure what to make of this just yet, but I do know that Mike Shanahan likes to sometimes give backups time with the starters (when applicable). LeRibeus does not look like someone who will come in and start, but there’s a decent chance he’ll have to play at some point. The more work he has vs. starters now the better off he’ll be.

16. Linebacker Rob Jackson blew up tight end Fred Davis on a red zone run, pushing him back and forcing Griffin to turn inside.

17. This is not what you want to see if you’re a coach in practice: four offensive linemen falling to the ground at the end of a play (think: injuries). But that’s what happened on one stretch zone to the left as Maurice Hurt, Josh LeRibeus, Erik Cook and Tom Compton all had to pick themselves off the grass at the end.

18. Jammal Brown doesn’t need surgery, but that doesn’t mean his situation is good.

19. RG3 Report.

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