Robert Griffin III said he hasn’t felt any symptoms from his concussion, aside from early memory loss when it happened. Since then? Nothing.

Except for one thing.

“The only symptoms I do have is irritability,” Griffin said, “because they keep asking me the same questions.”

The one that matter most is this: Will he play Sunday? Griffin was limited in practice Wednesday, though he was able to take enough reps to stay sharp. He’ll continue to be evaluated before Sunday’s game vs. Minnesota.

“For me there’s never a doubt as a player,” Griffin said. “You always feel you’ll be ready to go.”

As for practice, he said “practice went good. I felt sharp. I felt good. No symptoms of a concussion or anything like that. No dizziness or off-balance or things of that nature. I feel good.”

Griffin said of plays like Sunday’s hit: “It doesn’t make you less aggressive, but it’s a learning lesson. The one thing I learned is I can’t do that to my team, the fans or my family. Life is more important than the game of football. These things that happen, getting hurt, getting hit in the head affect us down the road. I have to make sure to limit that. … I have to make sure I keep myself safe while still being the same player that I am, keep myself safe so the fans and my family aren’t let down.”