Quarterback Robert Griffin III participated in the Redskins’ full practice, a sign that his knee is feeling a lot better – and his chances for playing at Philadelphia Sunday must be categorized as good.

Doctors will continue to evaluate Griffin’s sprained right knee, watching how he functions during practice and seeing how it responds the following day.

“Hopefully there’s no swelling, you just don’t know,” Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said. “They’ll look at it [Thursday] and hopefully it’s full-go. I’m not sure when they’re going to make that decision.”

Shanahan said Griffin moved well in practice.

“Last week he was moving good, too, but he did look good today and looked pretty close to full speed,” Shanahan said.

Griffin said his knee does not feel weak or unstable.

“Today was very encouraging for me, the doctors, everybody,” Griffin said. “It’s been a gradual improvement. It takes rest and time. I’ve got all my strength.”

Yes, Griffin said he’s hopeful about Sunday.

“I always expect to play,” he said. “I’m ready to play whenever they want me to play. If it’s this week, next week, a couple weeks, whatever they say goes. I’ll be ready.”