1. Wide receiver Pierre Garcon remains troubled by an injured toe on his right foot (it’s a problem under the second toe) and coach Mike Shanahan is uncertain when he’ll return.  Garcon was inactive Sunday for the third time this season because of the injury, suffered in the season opener. He underwent an MRI, which showed how inflamed the toe is.

“We just have to give him time,” Shanahan said. “He’s fine, if he has some juice before the game, but afterwards it’s very, very painful…. When I saw he couldn’t go in practice at the speed I want him to go at I said I think you’re pushing through more pain than you tend to tell the coaches.”

2. Shanahan re-iterated that it’s not turf toe, otherwise they would have “shut him down” for a while. He said Garcon wanted to play Sunday.

“I said I don’t want to lose you for the rest of the season, let’s get this thing well and tell me when it’s ready to go,” Shanahan said.

3. The Redskins have won the toss but deferred four times this season. In the past Shanahan said he would not have opted to defer their choice until the third quarter, but a statistic changed his mind. He said one stat said at least 60 percent of the teams that defer win.

“I like it coming out of halftime with a chance to get the ball first,” Shanahan said.

The Redskins are 2-2 when they defer.

4. Safety Jordan Pugh did suffer a concussion after he returned to the game in the fourth quarter. Pugh had to leave the game earlier with a head injury, but doctors cleared his return. After his second hit, a pass breakup in the red zone, he was dizzy and nauseous.

5. Shanahan said he was pleased with Kai Forbath’s kickoffs; he had four touchbacks out of seven attempts. “I’ll take that anytime,” he said. However, on Percy Harvin’s 45-yard return, Forbath had only 3.8 seconds of hangtime (probably want around 4.1 seconds).

6. There’s a chance linebacker Lorenzo Alexander will play more. Shanahan said he played 27 snaps Sunday. “We’ll always try to play the best players so if a guy like Lorenzo has a great game we’ll find ways to get him into the game,” Shanahan said.

7. Whether or not it helps Sunday, Shanahan said it does help that the Redskins first division game comes in Week 7. “It’s always an advantage if you play within your division if it’s later,” Shanahan said, “especially with young players. It’s a big benefit to us with Robert [Griffin III], a kid like Alfred [Morris].”