1. Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said there’s still no word on when corner DeAngelo Hall will have a meeting with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to discuss his late-game incident in Sunday’s 27-12 loss to Pittsburgh. Hall was upset with how receiver Emmanuel Sanders took him down on a block late in the game, then popped up and bumped into him. Hall dropped numerous expletives on the official, who ejected him. He could face a suspension.
  2. Here’s what Shanahan said on the matter: “Initially I thought he did everything perfect. He’s still trying to talk to the official. And until the time he took the helmet off I’m proud of him. …I wish a flag had been thrown initially, it would have been stopped. But you still have to handle yourself the right way…. You have to be strong enough to stay away from it, that’s part of being a good leader and a very smart player.”
  3. Yes, there’s some regret over the failed pass back play to Robert Griffin III. Joshua Morgan took a handoff on an end around, then stopped and threw back to Griffin, who was covered. Safety Ryan Clark drilled Griffin as he attempted to catch the ball. “After looking at that play you feel like a dumb [expletive],” Shanahan said.  “If I had to do it over, I would tell Josh, unless he’s wide open. Of course, from his perspective, he was. But it’s part of the growing process for me having a guy throw a pass from the backfield.”
  4. The Redskins are 3-5 for a second straight season. Shanahan says there’s a difference. “We all know the record defines who you are. If people can’t take a look at the offense and see it’s a completely different team, they don’t have a background in football. Take a look at the defense and you know we’re not the same team we were a year ago. We’re disappointed. We thought it would be the strength of our team this year, but losing [players to injury], it’s reality. We can play much better and hopefully with experience we have we can get better.”
  5. Quick note: Seven of the 11 starters from Sunday’s game also were starters for most of last season and an eighth, Reed Doughty, was a part-time starter. A ninth, end Jarvis Jenkins, was a second-round pick, albeit one who is still learning after missing all of last season with a knee injury.
  6. Punter Sav Rocca tore a meniscus in his right knee. Shanahan had not classified his injury until Monday. Rocca had a 12-yard punt Sunday. “He’s the best punter I’ve been around since I’ve been in the National Football League,” Shanahan said. “A lot of punters wouldn’t try to punt with a torn meniscus and he fights through it. He knows he can’t make it worse [NOTE: Originally said he can make it worse; now corrected].”
  7. There wasn’t any mystery as to why Kai Forbath’s extra point was blocked. “There is no question it was way too low,” Shanahan said. “Way too low.”
  8. Linebacker Perry Riley suffered a slight hamstring pull, but Shanahan isn’t yet sure of the severity.
  9. Why didn’t the Redskins go up-tempo late in the game? Simple. They did not want to be limited in the run game to inside handoffs and draws, taking away their play-action game. Also, had they scored on their final drive, they likely would have had at least three minutes remaining and all their time outs.
  10. Shanahan on Sunday’s game vs. 1-6 Carolina: “Everybody knows it’s a must-win game when you’re 3-5 at the bye week, if you want to have a chance at the playoffs. Everybody understands at the midway point you have to play your best football or you’ll be eliminated awful quick.”