Redskins right tackle Jammal Brown didn’t realize how badly he needed surgery. Neither did his doctors. But when they saw the ligament damage in his left hip and where it was lodged, things changed.

Brown looked relieved and sounded optimistic Thursday. He’s been that way before – before last season and again in this past offseason – but hopes that this time they’ve found the source of his discomfort.

“Me tearing the ligament wasn’t the cause of the pain,” said Brown, who had surgery on Aug. 23 in New York. “It was after I tore it, it kept getting stuck in my hip. On the MRI you can’t see that because it was all the way up the hip. [The doctor] was able to pull it out and show it to me. It was pretty nasty.

“I could have torn that same [ligament] and not known it was torn, but the fact that it got stuck in my hip, that’s what caused the pain.”

Brown said doctors have told him he’s ahead of schedule and agrees with coach Mike Shanahan’s hope that he could return after the Nov. 11 bye week. Brown currently is on the physically unable to perform list, making him ineligible for the first six games of the season.

“Now [the doctor] wants to be cautious,” Brown said. “I guess he was a little nervous because I recovered so fast but there was nothing structurally done so I felt I could keep pushing.”

He said the only pain he feels now stems from an increase in the intensity of his workouts, which Brown said doctors told him was normal.

“I’m working to get back in shape now,” Brown said. “One thing the doctor is worried about is making sure all the muscles around the hip are working properly so it doesn’t happen again.”

Brown has battled hip issues since arriving in 2010 after a trade with New Orleans, causing him to miss a combined six games the past two seasons and play hurt in countless others. He took yoga and Pilates classes in the offseason trying to loosen the scar tissue. But the day before training camp he hurt the hip again. And suffered.

“I couldn’t lay down,” Brown said. “I had to spend most of my time on the couch leaning on my right so I had something to press off of [when getting up]. It was just killing me. After the surgery four days later… it was amazing. Once he got it out I could do everything all over again. I got off the crutches sooner than I was supposed to…. I just have to keep going.”


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