Highlights from coach Mike Shanahan’s Monday press conference:

  1. Receiver Pierre Garcon still has a sore right foot from his injury suffered vs. New Orleans. Shanahan said how much Garcon plays will be determined by how much pain he can withstand. He called it a nagging injury, akin to turf toe.
  2. This shouldn’t be a surprise considering how well Alfred Morris (28 carries, 96 yards) ran Sunday, but coach Shanahan said that “right now” he’s the starter. “He had two or three runs that a lot of people can’t make. We’ll sub him when he gets tired,” Shanahan said.
  3. Long snapper Nick Sundberg won’t play vs. St. Louis because of his broken left arm, suffered in punt protection. Shanahan said the Redskins will sign a long snapper, but he isn’t sure how long Sundberg will be out. Shanahan said Sundberg can’t snap in a cast, but earlier in the day the third-year pro said there was talk about him using a brace.
  4. Rookie safety Jordan Bernstine tore his MCL, ACL and PCL in his right knee Sunday and will miss the rest of the season. Bernstine’s speed made him an interesting prospect. The Redskins signed safety Jordan Pugh, who made three starts for Carolina in the past two seasons combined.
  5. Shanahan said the threat of the zone read is almost as big as the play itself. “You only have to run it two or three times a game, but in the back of their mind the defense knows you have the ability to do it, even if you don’t run it a lot,” he said.
  6. Shanahan blamed the blocked punt on a missed assignment. He did not name the culprit, but it was Chris Wilson, who blocked to his left on the play and a hole was opened. Shanahan said it would have been worse had Wilson been overwhelmed physically. “Sometimes a missed assignment occurs,” Shanahan said.
  7. No meeting has been set up with former Redskins tight end Chris Cooley about a possible return. News came out Friday that a meeting would take place this week.
  8. When asked about Brandon Banks’ ball-security issues, Shanahan deflected the criticism and talked about the play Banks made from scrimmage, turning a short gain into a first down by making the corner miss.

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