1. Adam Carriker and Brian Orakpo are done for the season.

2. Corner Josh Wilson (concussion) will have to undergo a series of tests this week to determine if he’s ready to return. Richard Crawford can help, but the last thing Washington’s defense needs is to lose another starter. It’s not as if the defense played poorly vs. New Orleans. But they did not hold up, obviously vs. St. Louis. Shanahan had little to say about it; really, there’s not much he could say. They were bad. They need to play better.

3. Receiver Joshua Morgan did not address the team, nor did Shanahan speak with him about his 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Morgan clearly knew what he did was wrong and he faced reporters after the game. Shanahan said there were “eight other scenarios we can use in the game besides that one about people keeping their poise and composure.”

4. As to whether or not Shanahan would take any action against Morgan, don’t expect him to. Not sure that he should, either. Then you’re not only penalizing Morgan, you’re hurting your team. “You always play the best players,” Shanahan said. There’s nothing wrong with that; they’re in the business to win games. If you bench him during that game for a spell, that’s fine. But to carry it over to the next week? That wouldn’t go over well. But if he does it again …

5. Shanahan was clearly still upset about the officiating Sunday, as well he should be (same with Jeff Fisher for that matter). He mentioned two instances that he was upset with: the no call on Fred Davis and the no-flag after Fisher challenged an unchallengeable call. On the Davis play, in which he was drilled after an incompletion and could have been judged a defenseless receiver. “No question, it was helmet to helmet. … Looking at that hit to the head, if he does not [have a concussion], then he should have one. That was a pretty good hit. Probably as hard of a hit as you’re going to get to the head.”

6. As for the Fisher no call, Shanahan said, “The official told me he would have done the same for me. I said, ‘If you would’ve done the same for me then I would expect you to throw a flag if I threw a flag in that situation.’ “

7. Shanahan said he has not talked to the league about any of the calls. There has to be a part of him that figures why bother? These refs will be going away soon (hopefully).

8. Shanahan also explained more about his decision to attempt the 62-yard field goal, pointing out what other kickers he’s had have done, or watching Sebastian Janikowski. But Billy Cundiff does not have an accurate long-ball leg, having now missed 10 of his last 11 from beyond 50 yards (he’s now five of 20 overall).  The combination of playing indoors and having a kicker who does kick long on kickoffs swayed him. But I’d still use a quarterback who can extend a play and maybe pick up 16 yards than attempting a kick that had perhaps a 10-percent chance of being good.

9. The blocked punts. Shanahan addressed it, but referenced the field goals and pointed out how in each case it was a different guy making a mistake. That’s been the case with the punts, too, as Chris Wilson and then Perry Riley missed their assignments. There was no real mention of special teams coach Danny Smith. Too early in the season for any real talk of job security.

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