Redskins wide receiver Pierre Garcon might have tipped off Robert Griffin III’s fate this week. If nothing else Garcon added drama to RG3 Knee watch.

However, it could just have been an innocent slip, too, as multiple Redskins sources said Garcon does not know who will be starting and that Griffin’s status has not changed since Monday.

In an interview with ESPN Tuesday morning, Garcon told the station that the Redskins now have a tougher task with Griffin injured — he suffered a Grade 1 lateral collateral ligament sprain in his right knee. Garcon said backup Kirk Cousins would start.

“Now we have Kirk starting,” Garcon said. “We have to play well around Kirk so he doesn’t feel that he has to try and save the team. We have to help him be as comfortable as possible.”

When the host, former Redskins 980 reporter Bram Weinstein, said they needed to hold off a minute on saying Cousins was definitely starting, Garcon said, “Prepare for the worst.” Weinstein later tweeted that he did not think Garcon mispoke.

Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said Monday that he does not know if Griffin will be able to play Monday and wanted to evaluate him in practice. With a Grade 1 sprain, it’s entirely possible that Griffin will be able to play. He also tore the ACL in that knee during he 2009 college season. Griffin suffered no structural damage to the knee Sunday. The Redskins will weigh the potential long-term affects if Griffin does play.

The speculation will continue all week until Griffin is officially ruled in, or out. Without talking to Garcon, who knows if this was something he heard or assumed. That’s when we’ll know if what he said matters or not. The reality, most likely, is that nobody knows at this point what will happen.