Aldrick Robinson remembers everything about the hit. He was listening to his music in the end zone, blocking out others yelling for him to watch out. But the Redskins’ receiver couldn’t hear them and Brandon Meriweather then slammed into him.

“I started hearing everyone saying, ‘He’s knocked out! He’s knocked out!” Robinson said. “I couldn’t move. I was trying to wake up but I couldn’t.”

Robinson said he was fine the rest of the day.

“I was normal,” he said. “When I was watching the game in the locker room I felt normal. The next day I woke up and didn’t have any symptoms so I felt normal. It’s just one of those things you wish you weren’t there at the time. I was more concerned about him. I felt OK after the whole thing. I just couldn’t play.

“It was definitely bizarre. It was scary.”

He did have a big knot on his head. The one thing Robinson won’t do is stop wearing his headphones during warm-ups. Many players do this as they work out on the field before the game.

But he will do one thing different: “I’ll put my head up every now and then.”